Prana Yoga

Every Wednesday, 19.30 – 20.30

This is your chance to breathe life into your life! The class offers the ultimate way to release tension, fears and blockages throughout your body and mind in order to create more space to live, love, dream, create, grow, share, give and connect with yourself. With awareness of breath (prana), you’ll be guided through a beautiful fusion of Hatha + Flow Yoga, softly opening and strengthening your body, providing just the right amount of challenge to balance and bring peace and clarity to your mind. The class is designed with both beginners and advanced practitioners in mind and you can expect a combination of breathing exercise (pranayama), inspirational yoga poses, relaxation & meditation. A herbal tea and light snacks are served after the class.

Michaela Olexova has been a passionate yoga practitioner for over 15 years and has worked as a qualified yoga teacher since 2006 and Reiki therapist since 2009. Loved by her students for her positive energy, calmness, creativity and individual attention, Michaela creates a unique and inspirational practice open to students of various ages, levels and conditions.
  • £14 drop-in or 6 classes for £60
  • No advanced bookings necessary 
  • Suits people of all ages, levels and ability
  • Develop your practice at your own pace
  • Beginners and advanced yogis welcome
  • Own yoga mat required
Please call Michaela for further information on 020 8239 8743, email or visit for a daily inspiration on yoga, wellbeing and mindfulnes