Mortlake Hall Playgroup

The Playgroup is open again!

We are open every weekday morning 9.30am – 12noon. We ask you to complete a registration form so that we have your details for test-and-trace. We do need the parent/guardian details as well as the person bringing children. We shall only use these contact details for this purpose.

We do ask you to adhere to our guidelines, sanitising your hands on entry, adults to wear a mask indoors, and to observe social distancing of 1m or more. We ensure that the toys and equipment are properly cleaned, as is the Hall itself.

We ask that you pay the entrance fee by card.

The Hall is set up and the toys are available in compliance with government guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you again, we still have lots going on. Two large rooms, a playground, a big red slide and lots of toys!

Train tracks, dressing up, painting, puzzles, baby area, playdough, home corner, cars, books, dinosaurs are just some of the toys and activities. Children can choose what they would like to do, play in one place for as long or short a time as they like. There’s lots of space outdoors with a soft playground surface which is ideal for toddlers.

We welcome all under 5s and their carers. Drop in any day, for as long as you like. It’s £5 for the first child and £2 for additional children, £2 concessions and £2.50 under 1s.

Evelyn and Will, our trained members of staff, will show you round. They are happy to help and support you and the children in any way they can.

These are some quotes from people who use the Playgroup:

‘Excellent selection of activity, very welcoming and good value. Most of all my daughter enjoys it.’

‘Welcoming friends, only playgroup locally that isn’t just for babies as has painting etc too.’

‘I have visited many playgroups in this area and others, however this one has such a variety of activities and things to do. The staff are very friendly and give the centre a family atmosphere which makes you want to return. We look forward to it.’