Welcome to Mortlake Hall Children and Family Centre

The Mortlake Hall is a wonderfully light and spacious building in the quiet alleys of Mortlake. It used to be a primary school, now it is home to the Mortlake Hall playgroup, the Fun Club and the Mortlake Children and Family Centre. Mortlake Hall is here for the children of Mortlake who are welcome at all the activities.

Mortlake Hall’s full name is the Mortlake Church of England Educational Foundation, registered charity no.299726. The Annual Report includes a list of the trustees, the accounts and a report of the Foundation’s activities.

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Mortlake Hall Playgroup

The Playgroup is drop-in stay and play for all children under 5. It is open every weekday morning from 9.30am to 12noon. We know that many groups are closed during school holidays, so we stay open all the year round, apart from the month of August.

Our hall has space for children to run around if the weather is bad, when it is good they can play outside on the slide, in the sandpit or in the playground. The hall is big enough to contain lively two and three year olds and to have space for babies to lie and kick about.

We provide different activities for the children throughout the week, painting or sticking some days, singing and stories, cooking and playdough, so you can come several times a week and there will be something different to do each day.

We work closely with the Mortlake Family and Children’s Centre who are based at Mortlake Hall. They have a wealth of information about services and activities available to families, and are here to offer advice about them.

Our staff are trained in working with young children, so do feel free to talk to them. The Playgroup is also a good place to meet other adults. As well as Mums and Dads there are nannies, au pairs, grandparents, so there will be someone who you would like to chat with.